Your cleaning the entire house from attic to basement. It all goes without a hitch, that is until you get to the dishwaher. You start unloading the plates when BOOM you see an ugly face staring back at you and you know you have cockroaches in the dishwasher. This can be a death sentence to your sanity because once the cockroaches have made it to your dishwaher you can be sure they are sucrrying around the rest of the house, lurking in any dark corner they can find. However you will generally find cockroaches in dishwashers because it is almost the perfect environment for them. All the cockroach has to do is sit in their and eat all the food that falls of the dirty plates. THe moist and humid atmostphere in the dishwasher makes it almost like a heaven to any passing cockroach. Therefore a good way to starting getting rid of cockroaches from your house is to eliminate them and their nasty cockroach shit from your dishwasher.

Fortunately for you since the dishwasher is a pretty confined area it makes killing cockroaches much easier. If you read some of our earlier articles about what to do with cockroaches in your house you will find that borax is generally a great chemical to use in order to kill cockroaches. Borax is relatively cheap and easy to use especially when compared to store bought chemicals and poisons. It is also a lot less lethal and dangerous to use around humans. Simply pour a little borax on all the plates with dirty food on them. THe cockroaches in the dishwasher will swarm to the food and begin eating it, little do they know they are slowly killing themselves. THe cockroaches will walk around for a bit but will then kneel over and die. This is a very effective way to get rid of cockroaches in the dishwasher.