7 day diet plan became one of the great secrets to lose weight in a very short time. Some people can get a target weight dreams real. Basically this diet method is done to remove all the toxins in the body so that the body can metabolize properly. One of the obstacles in the weight problem is not correct metabolic processes so that the body has fat deposits. The concept of this diet is the consumption of foods that do have little calories. You need to calculate various types of calories in each food intake in this diet plan, read more on https://www.sportzfuel.com/. Previously you had to calculate calorie needs according to your physical condition. Here is a 7 day diet plan program that you can do.

Rules Eat for 7 Days

Basically for 7 days you can eat certain foods and the rules are very clear. Every day there are only a kind of food (fruit, vegetables, meat, and milk) can be consumed, while other foods that are not included in the list are not permitted at all. Here is a sample schedule of meals that you can apply.

Monday: Consumption of all types of vegetable soup with a small calorie (cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables)

Tuesday: Consumption of all types of vegetables, fruit, meat and fish (do not eat bananas)

Wednesday: Consumption of fruit and vegetables (only in salad)

Thursday: Consumption of milk, apples, bananas and grapes

Friday: Little fresh vegetables and meat (50 grams)

Saturday: Slightly sweet fruit and fish (100 grams)

Sunday: A little bit of vegetables, fruit and milk.

Tips for 7 Days Diet

Basically, the diet for 7 days is recommended only for a while. You cannot do this diet for a long time because of the health of the body may be decreased. This diet is recommended only for a few times and you can arrange the most appropriate to condition your body. As long as you keep the diet is advised to regulate the intake of calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins. The balance of food elements is what you get from the foods included in the program. Additionally remains to diet and exercise along when you’re not on a diet. The success of this diet program depends on how you manage nutrients to the body. Now it’s your turn to get the success of the 7 day diet plan.