Gophers are some of the hardest house pests to treat because you will barely ever be given an opportunity to see them. Instead you will have to make inferences and educated guesses to first determine that they are actually in your yard and whether you have actually been successful in eliminating the creature. Gophers are almost entirely blind, this characteristic has developed because they generally live their entire lives underground. They word all day and night in tunneling and burrowing out the soil in order to create a large home for a gopher pride.

Unfortunately for home owners gophers like to snack on the root systems of all types of plants including grass and vegetables. Therefore over the past several weeks as the weather has warmed and gopher activity has increased we have been asked about gopher repellent. However most people want a non commercialized or industrialized gopher killer because of the harmful chemicals that are found in these products. Who in their right mind would want to put these deadly chemicals into the soil by the tomato plants or corn stalks that they may very well eat later that day. That is why natural and homemade gopher repellents are generally the best way to proceed when attempting to get gophers out of your yard. In this section I will go into some natural ways to help your yard get protected from gophers. The best and most safest way to clear up a gopher problem in your hard is to plant gopher repellent plants.

A gopher repellent plant is definitely the best way to get rid of a gopher infestation in your yard. You do not have to worry about hazardous chemicals being sprayed into your garden or yard which could end up resulting in a dead lawn or unsafe vegetables to eat. Instead with a gopher repellent plant all you have to do is plant the plant and let it grow. The plants I am about to introduce to you all have a very special characteristic, acquired by them through generations of evolution, that allows them be natural gopher repellent.

The first plant is correctly named gopher purge. When you first hear this you can not help to think of some cleansing of the gopher population and the name details the exact function of the plant. All you have to do is simply plant the plant and wait for it to mature. As it matures its roots will grow big and strong, but even more importantly latex will form in the roots of the plant. If the gopher takes a bite of the latex filled root, the gopher will become ill and soon die. In theory you should plant gopher latex around plants that seem to be on the gophers favorites menu. By planting gopher latex in the gophers burrowing tunnels the gophers will be unable to return to his burrow.

Castor Beans are yet another gopher repellent plant. Castor plants work much in the same way as gopher purge. Except in this case the entire plant is poisonous, which means other pests such as bunnies will also die if they start to. Therefore all you have to do is plant the castor bean plant by the plants that you want to protect from the pesky gopher. By using these two gopher repellent plants you will be well on your way in turning your garden to a protect fortress against the gopher population.