While grubs look relatively harmless when you unearth them they can cause massive amounts of damage to your yard and nearby greenery. Grubs are not the actual creature but the larvae of the japanese beetle. The beetles lay their eggs in the lawn and when the eggs hatch the grubs begin their reign of terror. The grubs will attack the root system of first and foremost your lawn. Grass plants form very thick and large root systems underneath the dirt. However, when the grubs are finally born they will begin to feast on the roots of the grass. When the roots are eaten the grass plants are unable to get nutrients up into the plant system. Without these nutrients the grass plants cant grow properly and they will die. So when you see brown spots in your lawn, especially in the early spring, you might want to check for grubs in the lawn.

So not only are grubs the only problem you have to deal with when their are actual grubs in your lawn. The real problem starts when the grubs mature into their adult form. When grubs grow up they mature into japanese beetles. Japanese beetles are one of the worst pests in the world. They fly around and land on any greenery and start to eat away at it. They are especially bad in the summer time when the majority of the grubs have matured to their adult form. Getting rid of grubs in your backyard can save you a major effort when attempting to get rid of japanese beetles in your backyard.

Now the most effective way to get rid of grubs in your backyard is with store bought poison that is especially meant to kill grubs. It is relatively simple to lay down this poison. Simply get a bag of grub poison, it can either be pellets or liquid. Be sure to put down the grub poison in early spring as this is when the grub population is at its highest. Knocking out the grub population when it is at its height will meant there are less grubs and japanese beetles to deal with during the summer months. You definitely would rather deal with the grubs with simple poison than attempt to kill a swarm of japanese beetles. There you go hope you have luck in your goals of getting rid of grubs in the lawn.