Snails are not the most intimidating of household pests. They dont bare the stingers of wasps and hornets or the sheer population size and intensity of termites. Scientifically speaking, snails are considered gastropod mollusks and the vast majority of them inhabit aquatic environments. However, the water-based snails are not the types of snails that are currently wreaking havoc on your yard, pool, or just life in general. So now we know what they are, we need to figure out how to get rid of snails?

The fist method of getting rid of snails is based upon the perceived strengths of weaknesses of their actual bodies. Basically, the shells of snails are extremely effective in protecting them from potentially harmful external forces. Furthermore, the mucus membrane that potrudes out of the bottom shell allows them to slide along the ground without exposing the fleshy innards. However, this method of transportation does have its drawbacks. Just because they can slide over something doesnt mean it doesnt hurt them.

In fact, when sliding over blatantly sharp or rough objects, they receive cuts to their underside, and the damage of which is only mitigated by the fact that they are able to repair the damage with their mucus. When they ooze too much mucus, the snails overly dehydrate themselves and die. Consequently, a common method of how to get rid of snails is placing sharp or rough objects like rocks, egg shells, and tree bark around the perimeter of the area you want to protect from snails, like a garden. Thats method 1 on how to get rid of snails.

If you are looking for a more deliberate method of getting rid of snails, there is always poison. Now Im never really a huge fan of such drastic measures, especially with so many other less-caustic methods out there, but in this case the poison seems to be fairly benign to everything but the snails. The poison is a derivative of iron phosphate and has been tested on animals other than snails and no adverse effects have been discerned. For the snails, however, this poison is extremely potent. It comes in pellet form, and all you have to do is place it near the snail-infested areas and then wait. The snails will be a distant memory in a short while. Poison is the second way to get rid of snails.

The final method of getting rid of snails is simply removing the attributes of their preferred habitat. If they dont like the area, common sense says that they will move. So as long as you ensure that the affected area is no longer moist or shady, the snails will vacate. Youre welcome. So thats how to get rid of snails.