If your backyard is a mud wasp heaven you should consider yourself lucky that they are not paper wasps as paper wasps are much more active and aggresive than mud wasps. However mud wasps can be quite a nuisance especially when you have to constantly worry that someone may get stung. Even though these mud wasps arent the most aggressive wasp out there they will certainly use their stinger against humans if they get to close to their nest, they will do almost anything to protect their queen mud wasp. That is why I receive may questions about mud wasp nest removal and how to do mud wasp nest removal without an expert.

Well since you are searching for mud wasp nest removal I can assume that you have taken the time to identify the wasps you are dealing with. But just to make sure mud wasps are the black wasps that look as if they are almost flying with their feet dangling in the air. The mud wasp nest is quite distinct and looks like a hollowed out cylinder of mud that can usually be found under overhanging parts of the roof or ceiling. If youre unlucky you could even find mud wasps in the attic, which are never fun to attempt to remove. However, there are some very easy ways to quickly get rid of a mud wasp nest.

First of you can attempt to set a trap. Simply cut a large two liter bottle in half. Stick the top half into the bottom half to make a funnel shape. Now all you have to do is get some wasp bait and fill it with either meat or sugar water. If it is early spring go with the meat as queen wasps will be out and about looking for food and they are attracted to the protein found in the meat. However if it is later in the year you are going to want to put sugar water in the mud wasp trap as it will attract all the drones. This will help clear out most of the mud wasps in the nest making mud wasp nest removal much easier than if you had a hive full of wasps.

Another way to remove a mud wasp nest is to spray the thing with poison. There are tons of poisons that you can buy at a hardware store near you that will kill a wasp in their tracks. Simply go up to the wasp nest and give it a heavy dosage of poison. However, be sure to attack the wasp nest at night at this is when all the wasps will most likely be in their nest, ripe for the killing. Hopefully with these tips you will be able to engage in your own and successful mud wasp nest removal!