Whether you have a full blown cockroach invasion in your home or have simply seen a single cockroach crawling around you will probably ask yourself what kills cockroaches. Well if you are looking for a complete guide I suggest you take a look at our cockroach control page. However, this page will provide a quick description of what kills cockroaches and how to use these  items to effectively get rid of all the cockroaches in your home.

We will provide you with mixtures along with simple trap ideas to kill these pesky pests.

The first effective way to kill a cockroach is to use a very basic mixture that can be found in almost any home across the world. This is a mixture of baking soda and sugar. It is well known that cockroaches are extremely attracted to sugar. Well this trap uses this attraction again the cockroach. All you have to do is simply mix these two ingredients together and then place a small pan of it near where you have seen cockroaches before. The roaches wont be able to help themselves as they start to eat the sugar filled mixture. However, little do the cockroaches know they are also in effect killing themselves when eating the baking soda as well. The baking soda damages their inner organs and their shell. Since their shell is the only thing keeping moisture in the cockroach begins to lose all the moisture found in its body. This leads to the cockroach dieing from dehydration as it cannot store its bodily fluids properly.

Another what kills cockroaches trick that can be put to use in a trap is the cockroaches attraction to beer. So in order to make a successful trap simply soak some of your old food in beer. This will make it irresistable to a cockroach. Next place it in an open topped cylinder. Create a couple of ramps on the outside of the cylinder as to make it easier for the cockroaches to get in. Now all you have to do is wait a couple days and then when you come back to check your trap you should see many cockroaches at the bottom of the cylinder unable to get out. You can simply kill them by crushing them, let them go far away from your house, or you can use our next natural killer to get rid of these cockroaches. However do you still find yourself asking what kills cockroaches even after these tips?

The final way to kill cockroaches is to use a mixture of hot water and laundry detergeant in a spray bottle. This is apparently a toxic combination to a cockroach and you can simply spray this solution onto cockroaches and they will simply die. A very easy, clean way to kill cockroaches. SO hopefully we have succesfully answered your question of what kill cockroaches. If you have any other house pest control problems be sure to check out our homepage for more guides.